Sugared Sage Fabrics, An Eco-Friendly Fabric Store

Get To Know Sugared Sage Fabrics

Established early November 2021 and located in the U.S., Sugared Sage Fabrics is a small, black-owned eco-friendly fabric supplier that pours heart, soul, and sweetness into providing the ultimate fabric sourcing experience for our clients. We are committed to giving you superior customer service and exceptional fabric products you would naturally choose. We’ve recently expanded our gorgeous range, so take a look at what we have on offer today!


The Sugared Sage Fabrics Difference

When we created what has become more of a movement than a mere company, we wanted to make sure we brought something special to the table. With Sugared Sage Fabrics, you unlock access to exclusive prints and designs that are specific to us, which means exquisite one-of-a-kind fabric for your creations!
Beyond this, you can sew with complete confidence knowing that the materials you’re using form part of an initiative not only through our packaging partner Noissue, but through our dedicated contributions towards a Natural Resources Defense Council from our proceeds.

Are you ready to change the world with your fabric choice?

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