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Let's talk about the magical french terry. What is french terry? French terry is a fabric distinguished by having a smooth face with a looped back. So, on one side of the fabric, typically the "right" side, is flat with a knitted yarn pattern while the back has small loops of yarn.


french terry fabric
 Trail by See You At Six (link here


french terry fabric
 Trail by See You At Six (link here)



I consider french terry to be versatile. It can come in many colors, different content combinations, and weight. It’s also, in my opinion, the perfect year round fabric that can be used for pants, shorts, joggers, hoodies, sweaters plus so much more! 

 Foliage Song by See You At Six (link here)


Duck Green by See You At Six (link here)


Before you go buying out all the french terry fabric I have a tip for you. Try to keep in mind the project you are working on. There are some out there that may or may not have spandex in it which could effect your garment. Say you’re making a loose fitting shirt. A non stretchy and stretchy french terry fabric could work. If you prefer to wear your clothes more form fitting I would recommend a stretchy french terry fabric, 5% or more, so that there’s a decent amount of recovery.


french terry fabric
 Wild Roses by See You At Six (link here)


Now, that you’re an expert on this inspiring material you’re next step would mostly be to find it. You’re in luck! There’s a nice variety of french terry fabric on our website(link here) to include the newest See You At Six Summer 2022 Collection (link here)

Hopefully this helped you and feel free to share what you learned here with all of your other sewing friends. Until next time!



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