As a sewist I have looked far and wide for fabric that has everything a sewer desires. Softness, retainability, durable, smooth, sustainable and all not mention. Although there have been some that have met the criteria there is one that has surpassed it (well that's just my biased opinion). Supima Cotton blended with Micromodal.

The plush, silky smoothness of these two when put together are dare I say SUPERB!  I mean you could notice it a mile away. But if you've never had this duo or let alone heard of it you would probably question this blog. So, along with raving about it I'll provide soft warm facts...get it? Instead of hard cold, I used soft warm because I'm talking about the fabr.....nevermind.

So, what is Supima Cotton? Supima cotton is a superior pima cotton dubbed the World's finest cotton. It is grown only in the west and southwest states of the United States such as California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Supima cotton is characterized by its extra long staple fibers. For comparison, regular cotton fibers can be measured at 1 inch in length while Supima cotton fibers are measured at whooping 1.5 inch. That half inch difference contributes to higher strength, increased softness, and excellent color retention. 

Now, you're probably asking what makes it sustainable? The farmers. They are what make Supima cotton sustainable. They farmers play a huge roll in the growth of this luxury cotton. Opting for solutions to maximize water efficiency through either drip irrigation or flood irrigation which has positive benefits for promoting soil health and fostering wildlife. Also, soil conservation, by practicing regular crop rotation on an annual basis help to maintain balanced nutrient levels in the soil. Lastly, no pesticides or any other harmful substances making Supima cotton biodegradable. 

With an understanding of Supima cotton, let's learn a few facts on Micromodal!

Micromodal has been around for years. It’s made from cellulose that has been extracted from sustainable beechwood trees. Micromodal offers comfort, breathability, long lasting structure and fit. It's resistant to shrinkage and crazy soft!

Combine those two together you get the ULTIMATE fabric combination!

If you're ever so compelled to get your hands on this combo you're in luck. We are currently carrying French Terry and matching 2x1 Rib knit. And to make finding them easier we placed the link below to take you straight to it. 

Thank you for joining us on this month's blog.

January 25, 2022 — Cynthia Little


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