Have you ever heard of Slub fabric? It seems like yesterday it was SO hard to find this specific material but, now, in 2022 it seems like Slub has come to the forefront of the sewing community. There are so many more options available in this fabric base than a couple of years ago.

So, what exactly is Slub?

Slub, as a noun, means “a lump or thick place in yarn or thread” (Dictionary.com). This description is on par with the unique texture of the fabric. Unlike your average jerseys, which have a smooth hand (fancy word for how it feels against your skin), Slub has these “lumps” or “thick” places of thread throughout the entirety of the yardage. These” lumps” of threads give Slub its unique texture and often looks like long white flecks within the yardage of the fabric.

Here is photo of a shirt dress that I made:

Slub jersey knit

This is Sugared Sage’s Slub in the colorway Aventurine. (link here)


Slub jersey knit

I know that for some, they may avoid textured fabrics because many times the texture can be an irritant to the skin. However, in my personal opinion, Slub tends to have a nice soft and almost combed feel. In fact, I have used for my children and my husband quite often because they are sensitive to textures against their skin.

I am such a Slub fanatic and I love that the fabric is becoming more mainstream! Make sure you check out the Slub that Sugared Sage Fabrics have (link here), they have custom dyed colors in shop! Also, let us know your opinion!


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October 06, 2022 — Jasmine Carraway

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